The TV industry is facing a major headache after a slew of new streaming service launches have hit the market. 

    The latest, Amazon Prime Video, has been released just two weeks after Amazon announced it would be selling its own streaming services for £14.99 a month. 

    There are plenty of other new streaming services to watch. 

    Netflix announced that it had launched a streaming service in the US last month.

    And a new Amazon Prime service has been announced. 

    Amazon’s new Prime service is available on both iOS and Android devices, but there’s no word yet on whether the service will be available in the United Kingdom. 

    As well as Netflix, Amazon also announced a number of new Amazon-owned games and apps for Android. 

    But in the meantime, the streaming service landscape has been dominated by one giant player: Amazon. 

    And that giant is Amazon Prime Video. 

    In a statement released today, Amazon confirmed that the streaming TV service will debut in the U.K. on August 30. 

    “The launch of the new Amazon Video in the States is our biggest ever launch, and we are very excited to deliver this new service to the UK and beyond,” a spokesperson said.

    “The new Amazon video service will offer subscribers exclusive access to the best in the world in a number or categories, and will also give customers access to a massive library of exclusive movies, TV shows, movies, music and TV series. 

    It will be one of the most comprehensive online services in the country and one of Amazon’s most important and significant launches in the history of the company. 

    We have been working with Netflix to bring the best content to UK customers, and it’s clear that Prime Video is the perfect solution for the UK market.”

    We will continue to offer our customers exclusive access, including exclusive TV shows and movies, exclusive movies and TV shows for streaming, as well as exclusive music and music apps for streaming. 

    Read more: Amazon launches new TV service in US, US TV apps debut Amazon is also releasing a new app in the Apple App Store called Prime Video TV that will bring Prime Video’s service to all Apple devices in the future. 

    Prime Video TV will come to select Android and Windows devices and to select Apple TV devices, as it will be released separately from Amazon’s new streaming TV app. 

    So what is Amazon Prime? 

    Prime is Amazon’s name for its online video service, which launched in the summer of 2015. 

    According to the company, Prime Video delivers a selection of the biggest, most popular TV shows on the service, including the best movies, shows, documentaries and music from the past and present. 

    Its main product is the Amazon Instant Video service, but it also offers other products like Amazon Music, Prime Music and Prime Video Shopping. 

    What are the best streaming services? 

    As the name suggests, streaming services have become a huge part of the entertainment industry. 

    They have also become one of Netflix’s biggest revenue streams, and they’ve been steadily adding content to the service. 

    Most recently, Amazon has been adding exclusive content to its own Prime Video service.

    It’s been making the rounds on its new streaming app, dubbed Prime Video Movies and TV, which will be coming to iOS and Mac devices as well. 

    Other services, such as YouTube, Amazon’s Prime Music service, and Spotify, have also been adding content and exclusives to their own streaming apps. 

    However, Amazon isn’t the only company to offer streaming TV. 

    Over the last couple of years, Amazon and Netflix have launched their own online TV services, and there are plenty more. 

    Here are the top streaming services, sorted in chronological order: 1.

    Netflix, US, Prime (Netflix, Amazon) This is the second-largest streaming service on Amazon Prime after Amazon Prime. 

    Currently, Amazon boasts more than 7.8 million members in the USA, with the company’s Prime Video offering an impressive 50.7 million members. 

    While Netflix is the top-selling streaming service, it is the largest in the EU, and the third-largest in the World. 

    Like Netflix, Netflix is also a popular way to watch shows and films outside of its own catalogue, with movies and series like Orange Is the New Black, Orange is the New White and House of Cards making Netflix the most popular video streaming service outside of the US. 

    On top of that, Netflix has a number more original shows like Orange is The New Black and House Of Cards, which are also a hit in the streaming video space. 

    With a $1 billion annual subscription, Netflix offers a lot more than just movies and shows. 

    This has made it one of Prime’s top selling products. 


    Amazon Prime, US (Amazon, Netflix) While it’s not the largest streaming service for the US, Amazon is still one of its biggest revenue drivers. 

    More than 2 million


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