A woman has taken to social media to explain how she has changed her mobile number from 0800 to 011 in order to be able to access WhatsApp messages. 

    The woman has been using a prepaid WhatsApp account with a different number to use on her personal phone.

    She explained that she did this to keep her phone number from being shared on social media, but the number on her prepaid mobile device was 0800.

    However, the number that was originally set to be on her smartphone has now been switched to 0101. 

    According to the woman, she was initially upset at the number change, but has since decided to keep it on her phone for the time being.

    The number on the prepaid mobile has since changed back to 0800 and the woman said she is still annoyed with the change.

    “I have tried to use my number and my prepaid mobile number on social networking sites, but they just give me 0800 when I ask for it, but it is not there anymore,” the woman wrote on Facebook.

    “The only solution is to change my mobile number and I can now use it from the other number,” she added.

    “If I have not been able to get WhatsApp messages from my old number I was trying to keep this number and have used it since the day I was born.”

    The woman, who does not want to be named, said that WhatsApp had changed her number from the number set for her smartphone to 01, but that she was unable to make WhatsApp messages on the other phone.

    The woman told The Irish Times that WhatsApp’s mobile app is designed to work with both numbers, but she was still having trouble accessing her old number.

    She also pointed out that her number was still registered with the Irish Postal Service, which is the primary contact point for the UK and Ireland.

    “So if I am going to leave Ireland, it will take me some time to change it back, which could take up to a week,” she said.


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