The NFL is struggling with a customer service crisis in which its teams are forced to deal with a torrent of complaints that the game is being played behind a paywall.

    The problem stems from the way the league pays for TV rights, which require teams to buy their own channels, and a complicated system that makes it difficult for players to find out what is going on with their team.

    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said last week the league is in the process of overhauling its television contracts with ESPN and Fox, which are both owned by Time Warner Cable.

    The two cable networks, along with the NFL Network, are required to pay a premium for the right to broadcast the games, which can cost anywhere from $20 million to $25 million per year.

    But Goodell says the league won’t make a big change unless a change is made to the pay-per-view model that has led to the problem.

    Goodell made the comments to the NFL Players Association’s Players Association Task Force, which oversees the league’s player contracts.

    “If we don’t fix this, we are going to end up with a situation where the NFL is not in control of its television contract,” Goodell said.

    “And that’s going to create a lot of headaches for us.”

    Goodell also said he would “absolutely” consider changing the pay TV model.

    Goodell says he wants to see the NFL pay more for the games that are shown on its networks.

    The NFL says it’s making the changes it needs to improve its business.

    The league has said it plans to introduce a pay-TV model for all of its games next season.

    In a statement, the NFL said it’s committed to delivering quality, high-quality programming to our fans, but is committed to working with the union and our players to ensure that every franchise has the ability to make that decision.

    NFL Network said it would work with the league and the players on the pay per view model, which the NFL says would create a more fair playing field for all participating teams.

    “We’re in the business of delivering games and not paying millions of dollars to a network that’s just going to let us have access to the game,” NFL Network’s senior vice president of programming Michael Rothstein said in a statement.

    “There are so many reasons to think that the current model will not be sustainable.

    We’re committed to ensuring that our game shows and games are the best they can be and we will continue to work with our players, owners, and other stakeholders to make sure that happens.”

    A spokeswoman for ESPN declined to comment on the situation.

    In February, Goodell said the league was working with ESPN to “discuss the future of our television agreements.”


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