In 2018, Apple has released a new set of service categories that help parents decide where to give their children a fresh start.

    While there are plenty of new services that are geared towards kids (including, naturally, toys), it’s also interesting to see what new categories have emerged.

    As part of Apple’s 2018 service update, parents will be able to set up and manage new types of services for their children including:ChildcareHome school-based learning (e.g. iPad or iPhone)MusicLibrary of music and videosChildren’s educationCommunity learningCommunity enrichmentCommunity service (e,g.

    video games)The list of new categories is extensive and the best part is that Apple has even given them a name: first service residential.

    While many parents might be excited to see their kids get a new start in a new home, the real benefit comes in the form of the number of new service categories.

    Apple has said that it’s working with local agencies to provide these new services to families who can’t afford to pay for them.

    “We’re working with community agencies in our community to help provide some of these new types and services,” Apple’s Ben Kugler said at the launch event.

    Apple also announced that it is partnering with the National Association of State and Territorial Childcare Directors (NASSCOD) to create new child care options for families.

    The service, which will launch in the coming months, is aimed at helping parents set up the best child care for their kids.

    According to Apple, the new categories will include “school-based and family-based childcare” and “home-based care for children aged under five and children aged six through 12.”

    It’s important to note that while the new service category categories will be available to parents in the UK, Apple’s app for iOS is already available for Android devices.

    The NASSCOD app will allow parents to select and manage the services that they want to provide to their children.

    This is where Apple’s service discovery comes in.

    Apple says that its new app will offer parents the ability to discover new types or services of their choice, such as:School-based educational and learning servicesCommunity enrichmentServices for kids aged six and underCommunity serviceFor the parents who are keen to set things up, Apple also announced an app for iPhone and iPad users to manage their child care settings.

    It will allow them to access all of the services they want, including the ones that they currently own.

    This means that Apple’s new service discovery tool can be used to create customized options for children that are easier to manage.

    Apple has also announced a new child safety service that it will be launching in the US this year, called KidsSafe.

    The KidsSafe app is aimed towards parents who have experienced a serious or violent incident in the past year.

    The app is being designed to help parents identify and resolve the most difficult and dangerous situations and provides information about services available to children.

    It is important to remember that Apple does not have an app to help kids manage their own homes.

    Instead, Apple is working with third-party developers to create apps that help children find services that meet their specific needs.


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