A new wave of online abuse and threats is making it harder for some postal services to cope with a rapidly evolving online community, with many services fearing the online harassment they are increasingly subjected to could be their last.

    Some postal services have been targeted in recent weeks with malicious emails and posts that use the phrase “We hate you”, the postal code for the UK, and threats to their safety and safety of their families.

    “If you don’t stop it, you are a danger to yourself, your family and everyone else,” the email read.

    A number of UK postal services said they were having to take action in response to the abuse, including some that were once a source of pride and community.

    The government has launched a new strategy to protect the public and postal services from cyberbullying.

    It has pledged to introduce legislation to prevent and tackle cyberbullies and harassment on the internet.

    But postal service bosses have been struggling to cope, with some having to set up an online support service to help victims.

    Some have even had to turn to their local police, with the Royal Mail telling the BBC that it had been asked to investigate more than 300 threats and threats made against the Royal Post Office.

    The RPS told the BBC it had asked the police to investigate a threat made against a Royal Mail employee.

    “In the majority of cases, threats and intimidation have been traced to the individual and have been investigated and removed,” a spokesman said.

    “We will continue to work with police to protect our employees and our customers.”

    What’s happening on the ground?

    The Rps has been a strong supporter of the postal system for a long time.

    The postal service has been given a £2.6bn bailout from the government in 2013, with a £500 million boost over the next three years to help it cope with its financial woes.

    It is also an independent body with its own police force, the Met, which is responsible for investigating complaints and for policing the behaviour of people on social media.

    The police have been stepping up their work over the past few months, with police forces around the country including Birmingham and Manchester using Twitter to track down individuals who have made threats against the postal services.

    One of the problems is that most people who make threats on social networks are either using anonymous accounts or have no real identity, meaning they cannot be tracked down.

    In recent months, there has been an increase in the use of the so-called “shadow” social networks, which are used by people who are not necessarily active on the forums.

    One person who has been targeted on one of the social networks is a 17-year-old who was bullied online by another teenager.

    The 17-years-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said he used to work in a local post office and was a good employee.

    The bullying continued for a while but he eventually managed to get his name deleted.

    “I got kicked out of the post office after a few months,” he said.

    One other person who said they had been targeted by the same teenager on the “shadow social networks” said that after he was harassed by another person online, the “Shadow” network sent him a message saying they were “investigating your identity”.

    “They had no idea I was working in the postoffice.

    They thought it was me,” he told the ABC.

    “It’s really frustrating because the post was the first thing I had done and they were looking at me.”

    Another young man was also bullied online, who is now unemployed.

    He said that the bullying stopped after the school holidays when he got a job at a supermarket, but it started again after he moved to a new school.

    “The bullying has continued.

    I feel really scared.

    I’m scared of what might happen to me,” the young man said.

    The “shadow network” is also known for its ability to track the whereabouts of people who have been cyberbullied online.

    It can use the social network to track people who were on the network before being targeted and identify them.

    The group can also track people by phone and email.

    “Our system can also send a very high level of detail to our operators,” the RPS said.

    But the group has also had trouble with abuse that is not targeted at individuals but can be directed towards individuals.

    “As a result of the recent attacks we are seeing, some postal service staff are concerned that they will be targeted in the future, and that they may not be able to continue their jobs,” a RPS spokesman said in a statement.

    “Some have also received threatening messages, and have contacted the police.”

    But the organisation also warned that it was working hard to address the problem.

    “These threats are coming from different areas of the UK.

    They can also come from the US, the UK and Australia,” the spokesman said, adding that the group was working with the UK government and local police to address threats and harassment.

    What does it mean to be a victim? In


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