Selective service registrations are a practice in which subscribers who have been approved to stream content via a service like Netflix have been given an extra window of time to do so.

    If you are one of these subscribers, you will probably find this confusing.

    It’s not all that uncommon to find yourself wondering if you’ve been approved for access to content.

    We’ve rounded up some of the most common questions you may have about selective service registrations.

    Read more about selective registrations.

    How to check if your account is selectiveWhat is a selective service registration?

    A selective service registrant is a customer who has been approved by a provider to stream Netflix content.

    These are the customers who have had an extra two-month window to watch their favorite shows and movies.

    In order to be eligible for selective service, you’ll need to be an active Netflix subscriber for at least two years.

    You will need to apply for the service and then fill out an application.

    A selective registrant can also be a family member of a Netflix subscriber.

    To apply, you must complete a form on the Netflix website.

    Netflix is not responsible for any errors or omissions in your application, so if you are unsure about your eligibility, you can always contact Netflix.

    Netflix’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy detail the types of selective service accounts that are allowed.

    They specifically list:A selective registrar is also called a customer service representative or a customer assistance representative.

    They will usually be your Netflix Account Manager or Customer Service Manager.

    These types of accounts are only available to those who are enrolled in the Netflix service.

    The Netflix Terms of Services and Privacy Policies do not detail what type of account a Netflix representative is allowed to use.

    Netflix also makes it clear that they do not accept applications from people who are already Netflix subscribers, and only allow applications from customers who already have an active subscription to Netflix.

    This means that a customer may be approved for selective registrations, but they won’t have access to Netflix until they’ve signed in and have subscribed to the Netflix account.

    A customer service rep will only be able to sign up new customers to the service, and not renew existing subscribers.

    You can also sign up for Netflix using a credit card.

    Netflix will charge a $15 fee to apply and then verify your account.

    Netflix recommends that you apply for a selective registration once you have been signed in, but the company doesn’t always do so (some states have strict restrictions on this).

    The Netflix website has more details on what you should do when you’re unsure about what kind of selective registration you’re eligible for.

    Read all about Netflix’s Terms and Privacy policies.

    What happens if my Netflix account has been closed?

    Netflix will ask you to verify your eligibility for a selection by filling out an online form, or call a Netflix Support Representative.

    Netflix may also email you a confirmation email.

    If Netflix doesn’t reach out to you, it’s likely that the service has shut down your account and you’ll be automatically redirected to Netflix’s Help Center.

    Netflix won’t always automatically close accounts if they’re in default status.

    Netflix reserves the right to temporarily close accounts, or to temporarily suspend access to the entire Netflix service, depending on what is happening in your account or the status of your account at the time.

    If you want to know what Netflix is doing, check out our Netflix Terms and Policies article.

    What’s the difference between selective and selective registrants?

    A selective registration is a company-sponsored account that will only allow you to watch Netflix content from the provider that originally approved you to stream.

    You may also be granted a limited window of access to watch certain Netflix content through selective registries.

    A selective registration is different than a traditional Netflix customer service number.

    In a selective registraion, the only requirement is that you’re an active subscriber of the Netflix streaming service.

    Netflix’s website has a guide to how to apply.

    What should I do if I’ve been denied access to a Netflix service?

    You can file a complaint with Netflix.

    If your Netflix subscription is in default, you may need to sign into the Netflix customer account to cancel your subscription.

    If Netflix can’t guarantee that you’ll still be able watch your favorite shows or movies on the service after the account closes, you might want to take a look at Netflix’s Privacy Policy to find other ways to stream or stream-like Netflix content without paying a fee.

    If I don’t want Netflix to block me from accessing my favorite shows/movies, what do I do?

    You should still have access, and Netflix may block you from accessing certain Netflix-related content, such as shows or films that aren’t available in your country.

    You should be able access Netflix through selectorships.

    A selector is an online service provider that will approve you to access Netflix content and will send you an email confirmation to notify you of the status.

    Selectorships also allow you the ability to cancel or temporarily


    Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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