You don’t want to have to go into the dark, dark basement of your house and wait for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 to be offline.

    But if you do need to play them, here are some tips for avoiding the trouble.


    Be careful not to use a cable modem to access the internet.

    Many people are now able to use the internet using the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 2, and they can do so without the need for a cable.

    If you do use a modem, it’s best to use one that’s certified to work with the PS4 or PlayStation 3.

    If that doesn’t work, you can always use a dedicated router.

    If it does work, use it for a few minutes and see if it resolves the issue.

    If not, you may have to wait a little longer for the PS3 to download the next update.


    If the problem is resolved, get a new modem.

    Many PlayStation 3s and PS4s have software updates, and if you’ve got a problem with the software updates that you’ve downloaded, it may be worth having a new PlayStation 4 or PS3 modem to try.

    If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you’ll probably have to get a different PS4.


    Do not leave the house.

    There’s a chance the PS 4 or PlayStation 1 could be out of sync with the internet for a while.

    It’s not a big deal, but it can be a frustrating experience.

    If your PS4 has a battery, turn it off.

    If a PS4 battery is out, try to find a way to get the battery back in.

    You may have noticed it won’t charge your phone or tablet if the battery is not fully charged.

    It could be that the battery was too small.

    Try charging the battery with a USB charger, and it should work.

    If no charge is available, the PS 1 or PS 3 could be running out of juice.

    If there is a problem, your best bet is to try to connect to a network using your PS 4 and/or PS 3.

    That way, you won’t need to buy another modem to do this.


    Try to get to the PlayStation store.

    Sometimes when the network is down, you might be able to buy a new PS4 and/ or PS 1.

    But you should not.

    Your old PS 4 will be on the list of available devices in the store, and you’ll have to pay to replace it with the new one.

    If all else fails, you could try buying a new TV.

    You’ll likely get an email letting you know the new device has been accepted and is available.

    This means the PS 3 or PS 4 is now available in your local PlayStation store, so you can pick one up and get your hands on it. 5.

    Try using an Ethernet cable to get online.

    Many Australians who are using a broadband connection use an Ethernet port on their home broadband router, which allows them to connect their PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 to the internet and play games.

    If everything is working properly, the Ethernet port will appear as a connection to the Playstation Store.

    If something isn’t working correctly, the cable might not work at all.

    If an Ethernet connection doesn’t appear as an option on your home broadband service, try using an ethernet cable instead.

    You can buy ethernet cables online for about $20 or $30, depending on what you want.

    You might need to make sure the cable is connected to a wall outlet or other external power source, or the PlayStation Store will show an error message.


    Try going online with the PlayStation App.

    You don.t have to download an app to play games online, but you may want to do so to try out the PS app and get feedback on the game.

    If nothing happens, try going online using the PS App instead.

    There are many ways to use PlayStation apps, but we suggest you try them first.


    If problems persist, get an outside help desk.

    There will probably be people at your local PS Store or online help desks who can help you.

    They might be willing to help you with any questions you may be having about your PS device, or they might even be able for you to help them resolve any issues that might be on your end.


    If things go wrong, call your PlayStation support hotline.

    It may take up to 48 hours for an automated response.

    If people are able to connect you to a PlayStation Support hotline, they’ll likely be able provide advice or a response to your problems.


    If troubles persist, try contacting your local Sony retail store.

    If Sony is unable to provide help, they may try to get you a new device.

    If they can’t, they might be unwilling to sell you the new hardware.

    If those efforts don’t work out, you will have to try contacting a PlayStation retailer.

    The PS Store may have


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