Author: Surya ChakrabortyPublisher: Times of India title The Missing City of the Ladakh’s Ladakh Province article Author and journalist Suryai Chakrabarti has written the first book on the Ladaks Ladakh province, which lies at the heart of the Himalayan region.

    The Ladakh Region of Ladaks is a vast and diverse region where many indigenous people live in harmony with the surrounding environment.

    In the book, Chakrabarty has written about Ladakh, describing its culture and people, its landscapes and its geography.

    The book is a journey into the Ladak region.

    “I want to tell the Ladai people that this region was once called the lost city of Ladak, which is a name that was given to Ladakh by the British.

    This is what the people called this place, the lost City of its people, because it is a place that has been lost.

    People had gone there for centuries, and then the British came.

    People in the Ladkis Ladakh region were living peacefully, but the British were always there to make trouble, and that was how this place was lost,” he told NDTV.

    The book has also covered the history of Ladakia.

    He has written a book about Ladakia, titled The Lost History of Ladk, in which he has talked about the Ladagas past.

    “In the book I have written about the story of Ladagah, where Ladakh is now, how the Ladangas people are still living in the forests and mountains and they have their own traditions,” he said.

    The Ladakh people live their lives in harmony and harmony is something that has always been the hallmark of Ladaki culture.

    In his book, he has written that the Ladaki people are very close to each other, and are not afraid of anyone.

    “Ladak is a very peaceful region.

    We are all in harmony.

    We don’t worry about anybody.

    We just have our own way of life.

    There is no war, and we have no problems.

    The environment is always healthy and safe.

    People live together and live peacefully.

    The mountains have beautiful natural beauty and it is all natural,” he wrote.

    In the film “The Ladak Kingdom,” which Chakrabartey made with director Rishi Agrawal, we have seen the Ladake people in Ladakh.

    “I wanted to tell them a story that we know today, because I have seen their story,” he explained.

    “A lot of the people in the film are still here.

    In fact, Ladak is the place where they live.

    So this is what I want to do in the book.

    I want the Ladakes Ladakh to know that the people of Ladaku are living in harmony, in harmony,” Chakraberty said.


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