Samsung is known for its quality and affordable pricing, but a customer service representative has come under fire after she said customers are “shocked” to receive emails from the company asking for credit card information.

    On Friday, a user who goes by the name “Ricochet” on Reddit noticed that Samsung’s customer service team had posted an update on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 about “fraud” and “unacceptable practices” and promised that “all customers” would receive a new email with instructions on how to resolve the problem.

    “I was very upset that Samsung had contacted me to ask me to submit credit card info to resolve this fraud issue,” the user wrote in the update, adding that the email was sent to her phone number, and that she was “shaken to my core” and called an emergency number after receiving it.

    “They were trying to get me to provide credit card numbers in order to get the phone numbers they need for fraud investigations,” the post continued.

    “They even sent an email to my work phone number.

    I was really shocked.”

    According to the user, Samsung’s service team responded to her concerns by stating that “unfortunately we are not able to resolve your fraud issue with us” and then adding that “you will be receiving an email regarding this very soon.”

    “I am very concerned and extremely concerned that Samsung is trying to bully me into giving them my personal information.

    I have tried to resolve my fraud issue and I’m now very concerned about my future business with Samsung.

    I feel like Samsung is using their position to bully the poor customers into giving up personal information to protect their bottom line,” the account continued.

    The user added that she had contacted Samsung customer support on Friday to “try and resolve” the issue, and was told by the representative that “the problem is not the Galaxy Note.”

    “They have contacted me directly to offer a solution and they will resolve the issue for you,” the rep responded.

    “Please contact us again as soon as possible.”

    While Samsung is generally known for making its customers happy, the customer service rep also addressed some other concerns that people have about Samsung’s Galaxy Note series.

    “There are some customers who have expressed concern about certain Samsung products that they use for work,” the representative wrote.

    “Some Samsung products may be unsafe to use for working.

    Some Samsung products are unsafe to carry in a carry-on bag, including Samsung products such as the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note8, and Galaxy Note9.””

    Some customers have complained about Samsung phones that they bought and that were later lost or damaged,” she added.

    “We can confirm that some of these Samsung phones were purchased at the end of the first year and are still working.

    However, you should take care to avoid these Samsung products at all costs.”

    The customer service post also included a message about the Samsung Note 4, saying that “we are working to improve the quality and reliability of Samsung’s Note products and our service teams are continually reviewing customer feedback to ensure that we continue to provide the best customer service.”

    The Samsung Galaxy note series is currently in its second year of availability, with Samsung noting that its new flagship model will have “up to 1,200mAh of capacity and up to 3GB of RAM.”


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