The iPhone is a powerful, versatile device, and Apple has released an app that lets you pay your credit cards without touching your phone.

    It’s called Cash-off on the iPhone and is the first of many apps on the App Store that make the process of paying bills on the device a breeze.

    “It’s great if you have a phone that’s a little bit smaller and a little more portable,” Adam Green, CEO of payment processing company VeriFi, told Business Insider.

    “It can be easy to accidentally forget to plug in a phone charger when you go shopping, or if you’re on a plane or something.

    So you have to make sure you’re charging the phone right.”

    The Cash-Off app lets you tap the Cash-on-Phone button on your phone, then swipe the top left corner to reveal a list of payment options.

    From there, you can choose to pay with a credit card, a Paypal, or a mobile phone or credit card.

    If you’ve got a smartphone that’s smaller than an iPhone 6, you’ll want to check out the new iPhone X, which has a new camera that will work with the Cash to Pay app.

    You’ll also be able to pay on a device like a tablet, as well as a smartwatch, smartwatch with a charger, or even a connected laptop.

     “There’s really a lot of stuff you can do with your iPhone and iPad,” Green said.

    Apple’s Cash-to-Pay app has been around for years, but the app was only recently added to the App Stores.

    There are also a number of apps for Apple Watch that let you use your phone to pay.

    But the Cash for Apple app has a few more features, including a new interface and a larger selection of payment methods, which you can also tap to add to the list.

    The app works by scanning your payment card, then showing you options for paying for items.

    For example, you could tap the Pay button to add money to your shopping cart.

    You can also pay for the cost of an item with a PayPal payment, as long as you’re the one who’s using your phone at the time.

    But the app is best used on a smartphone, which makes it easier to use.

    Here’s how to pay bills with your phone without touching the device:1.

    Download the Cash To Pay app from the AppStore.


    Enter your credit or debit card number and expiration date in the text field.3.

    Tap Pay Now.4.

    Tap your credit/debit card to enter your credit information.5.

    When the payment is confirmed, the app will display a confirmation message.


    Tap the Checkout button to confirm the transaction.7.

    Tap Payment Options.8.

    Tap Credit Card to confirm payment.9.

    Tap Continue.10.

    Tap Checkout to complete the transaction and exit the app.


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