Uber is the world-beating taxi company.

    It’s the taxi of choice for millennials.

    And it’s doing it for $20 billion.

    That’s according to a new report from Polygon.

    It also says that Lyft has grown its market share.

    But there are a few caveats to this.

    The report’s authors are using a slightly different definition of a “franchise,” and Lyft’s share of the market is still very small.

    Lyft is the company behind the wildly popular and popular Lyft Car.

    Uber, on the other hand, is an on-demand, self-driving taxi company that has been around for decades.

    Uber has been making huge inroads into the cab industry, and Lyft has made huge inroad into the taxi industry, but they’re still competing for consumers and business.

    Lyft’s market share is growing fast.

    And Lyft’s growth is still quite small, with Lyft only growing from 1% of the U.S. taxi market in 2016 to 10% in 2018.

    The Uber model Uber and Lyft are both companies that are trying to make their own way in the taxi business.

    Uber and its competitors like Lyft want to take over as the taxi services provider of choice.

    The problem is that the market for taxi services has been very competitive.

    In some cities, like New York, Uber is competing with taxis for passengers.

    In others, like Los Angeles, Uber has an advantage over taxis because it has more people.

    Uber is also a much more expensive option than Lyft because it charges a higher percentage of its revenue.

    In addition, Uber doesn’t have the luxury of being able to control the market it dominates.

    This makes it a much harder market to enter.

    Uber’s competition in the cab business is a very different story.

    It has many rivals.

    Taxi companies like Uber have to compete with competitors like cabs.

    This means that the competition for passengers and for fares is fierce.

    In fact, the taxi companies Uber and cabs compete in different ways.

    Taxi firms like Uber and taxi companies like cabbies like Lyft are trying desperately to take down competitors who have their own competitive advantage.

    The challenge for the cab companies is that competition means they have to go back and work on getting more drivers on the road.

    It means more drivers means more fares and fewer passengers, but also more complaints and fewer riders.

    That means there is a lot of work to be done to fix the problem of competition and to improve the quality of the taxi service.

    Uber does this by offering a cheaper ride, charging a lower percentage of the fare than cab companies do.

    That lowers the competition.

    It helps Uber get customers who are not willing to pay more for their rides, and it also gives Lyft an advantage.

    But Uber and cab companies are competing to have more passengers.

    So competition means more people are getting rides, but not everyone who gets a ride gets a great ride.

    Uber wants to get more riders by making better products.

    The more expensive the product, the more customers will choose it over cheaper competitors.

    That makes Uber better at getting more people on the roads.

    The reason why Lyft has an edge over Uber is because Lyft has a lot more people than Uber.

    Lyft has about 2 million drivers, compared to Uber’s about 1.6 million drivers.

    Lyft also has a huge presence in the cities where it operates.

    Lyft doesn’t just have more drivers than Uber, it also has thousands of employees.

    Lyft gets a lot less than Uber does, and because it is less costly to operate, Lyft can compete better.

    Lyft could also be competing against Uber in other ways.

    Lyft may be more flexible.

    Uber could have to work with Lyft more frequently in order to fix problems with drivers, drivers could complain about things like poor customer service or poor weather conditions, or Lyft could try to push Uber out of the city in order for Uber to operate in that city.

    Lyft can also compete better with other ride-sharing companies like Lyft Blue and Lyft Yellow.

    Uber can compete against Lyft Blue because Lyft can work with Blue to offer better service and better pricing.

    Lyft Blue can compete with Uber because Lyft is cheaper.

    Lyft Yellow could compete against Uber because Uber is more expensive.

    And Uber could also try to outbid Lyft for rides in some cities.

    But if Uber and other ride sharing companies can get customers to accept a lower price, they can then make more money than Lyft can, because Lyft and Uber have more people and better products to compete against.

    The competition between Uber and taxis is fierce, but the companies are also trying to win customers by creating better products and services.

    And that’s the reason why Uber and the other ride service competitors are competing so hard against each other.

    The fight for Uber and rides has been going on for years.

    In 2016, Uber was sued for allegedly taking illegal profit from UberX, which allowed Uber drivers to avoid paying their own fares.

    Uber eventually settled the case,


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