In the wake of Hurricane Maria, carpet cleaning is a critical part of homeowners insurance policy.

    It is important to keep carpet clean because, if you are unable to, it can prevent your home from being damaged in a storm.

    Here are some tips for carpet cleaning.

    Do not let carpet soak in water.

    If you have carpet, and it has soaked in water, it is very important to clean it immediately, especially if it has been a long time since the carpet was dry.

    If the carpet is wet, do not let it soak in any water.

    It may have water stuck to it.

    Always wipe the carpet with a damp cloth before washing.

    The carpet will absorb any moisture and be very hard to remove.

    Clean your carpet with hot water.

    Avoid using the microwave, electric kettle, or dishwasher.

    Do NOT use carpet cleaner in your sink.

    Do a thorough cleaning every few days, unless you have a pet.

    Do the same with the floor, carpets, and floors of all your living rooms and bathrooms.

    Keep the carpet in a dry area, preferably on a damp towel or paper towel.

    Do this before vacuuming.

    Vacuuming the carpet may be a good idea if you have pets or other messy things that are in the carpet.

    The vacuum will help remove any water stains and make your rug more comfortable.

    Keep your carpet covered with a towel or cloth.

    If it is wet in any way, get it off the carpet before vacuing.

    Vacuum the carpet thoroughly before removing any furniture or other household items.

    You can vacuum the carpet using a vacuum hose or vacuum cleaner attachment.

    You will need to use a special vacuum attachment for a smaller carpet.

    If your carpet is too long for a standard vacuum attachment, you can use a long hose.

    If using a regular vacuum attachment on a carpet with less than a 1/4 inch (1.8 cm) length, you will need a long 3/4-inch (8.2 cm) hose.

    This will be easier for the carpet to grip, and will allow you to remove it without using a hose attachment.

    Vacuating the carpet also helps keep the carpet looking good.

    Vacuing the carpet will make it look good.

    This is a good time to vacuum the carpets so it looks shiny and new.

    Do so in a controlled manner to avoid causing the carpet’s fibers to get trapped.

    Use a vacuum attachment to vacuum a carpet.

    It should be the most durable attachment you can find.

    You should also try vacuums on all your carpets.

    Vacues should not be used in the middle of a storm, especially on older carpets or carpeting that is not in good shape.

    Do you have any tips for getting carpet cleaner into your home?


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