Geico customer services have been criticised for being “slack” and not offering “the same level of support and expertise” as their competitors, according to an internal audit.

    Key points:The audit said Geico’s customer service is “not consistent”The report comes just days after a Geico manager told employees that “I’m not in a position to provide an adequate level of customer service”Geico has apologised to employees after the audit revealed it was struggling to provide customer serviceIt found that the Geico Customer Service team has a “minimal” understanding of the company’s products and services and that it had failed to meet its performance goalsThe audit also found that Geico has “not consistently provided customer service that meets its expectations”.

    The company said it has since fixed “a number of issues” and is “reviewing our customer service strategy”.

    “We believe we have identified a number of potential areas of improvement, which are being addressed,” the company said.

    It said it was working with customers to “address our customer support needs”.

    In a statement to, a Geiclobes spokesperson said: “Our customer service team is a highly skilled team with extensive experience, with the goal of providing an effective, responsive, and consistent service to our customers.

    We want to acknowledge the impact our customer is having on our business and are working with the company to address the issues they have identified.”

    Geico said it “would like to apologise to the Geicillobes team for the issues outlined in the audit”.

    “The audit has highlighted areas of concern with our customer care service, which we have addressed,” it said.

    The Geico spokesperson said it is “working to address these issues, and to help improve our customer experience”.

    Geico is the latest in a number that have been slammed as being in need of major changes.

    The financial services giant has come under fire for a number issues, including the fact that it failed to address customers’ concerns about its service, including customer service, customer service plans and customer feedback.

    Geico, a company that was founded in 1899, has a $2.9 billion valuation and is the largest bank in Australia.


    Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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